21 Days Conditioning Method

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Prior to "21 Days Conditioning" ito po ang mga factor na kailangan natin bago po natin i-apply ito;

1.) that our selected warriors is already PRE-CON.
2.) Undergone the process of strict SELECTION (fighting style and bloodline wise).
    - Choose the birds that you feel worth using for the derby.
    - I preferred aged cock at least 3 to 5 years old cause younger bird get "shocked" once hit fatally.
    - I preferred to use birds of the same weight to easily swapped if ever you have problem on fight day.
3.) Preferred to be HEALTHY since birth.
    - Healthy from day 1 (birth) to the time "21 days condtioning" is to be applied
4.) ample number of warriors to be chosen.  eg. For 3 Cock Derbies - use 10 cocks to be conditioned.

Now DURING the "21 Days Conditioning Period" this is my UNDERSTANDING that needs to be done;

1.) Dewormed - for me i do it once , others do it twice during this keep.
1.) Proven b12 (normally injectable) normally applied 4 times during the 21 days  keep, additional booster  like creatine, centrum, 
     b15 etc.  is also needed.
    - Applying this assure us that our warrior will be at its best health (strenght, stamina, endurance and fatigue free)
2.) Feeding - Special grains are given mix with powdered vitamins, white on an eggs, honey etc.. some cook the feeds as well.
3.) Religious routine on the selected warrious during the keep...scratching pen , running pen , flying pen, cord, keep stalls and are    
     timely observed.
    - Table exercise is applied. 
4.) Re-Selection is applied again at least 1 week before the fight by "pitting" the selected birds and the re-selected bird will be the final  
     candidate to be used on fight day.
5.) The Chosen Candidates will undergone what we called "Pointing" on the last 3 days before the fight.
6.) The rest is what i called "So Help Me God".

Now, in my practice, the remaining birds that i didn't use is scheduled for hack-fights after the derby.

For additional useful information for "Beginners",  Doc TJT Book entitled "21 Day Conditoning Keep" is what i been using before and available at National Book Store. 

Dito hindi kayo maliligaw para sa naguumpisa pa lang sa pag co-condition ng ating mga warriors. 

Sana po makatulong ito